HULAerobics™ - Awarded the Best Fitness 2011-2016 PH (312) 402-0643
HULAerobics HULA for Health and Wellness is Created by Hawaii's Health and Wellness Ambassador MRS. ALOHA HAWAII, PAMELA LARA has been selected and continues to hold The Best of Honolulu Awarded 2011-2016 that focuses on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - and will do everything to meet your health and wellness expectations to reach your fitness goals by fulfilling your body image.

By offering a variety of Health, Wellness and Fitness Programs to choose from, Exercise Classes, Personal Training, Specialty Focused Groups, Senior Wellness (Kapuna Fit), Youth Fit EDU. and Corporate Wellness Programs. Community Events, Public Services, and Promotional Projects.

Mrs. Aloha Hawaii, Pamela Lara is Hawaii's Health and Wellness Ambassador, the creator & founder of HULAerobics Hawaii's Fitness and a certified holistic medicine practitioner and personal trainer recognized health, wellness & fitness program director by an array of health insurance providers including HMSA, Blue Cross Blue Shield.

My campaign is to prevent & eliminate heart disease, cancer, drug addiction and abuse, the reversal of the increasing and extremely high and disturbing rates of type 2 diabetes, including child & adult obesity in Hawaii and the United States.
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